Azvalor Consolidación FP

A signature pension plan comprised of well-run global companies with a strong and comprehensible business model.

Undervalued variable income shares listed on global markets for investors with a medium-term timescale.

This pension fund follows the Value Investing philosophy, which consists of purchasing companies at a lower price than that of their intrinsic value (security margin), taking a long-term view. The management objective is to achieve satisfactory and sustainable profitability over time.

This fund is suitable for Investors wishing to build up capital to cover the eventualities of the retirement, disability, dependence and death of the participant or their beneficiary, where the timescale for its release is relatively short (approximately 3-5 years).

The valuation of the investment will vary subject to market volatility and may temporarily fall below the sum initially invested. Past income is no guarantee of future returns

Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro, CFA CEO and Investment Co-director
Fernando Bernad, CFA Investment Co-director
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97.17 €

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2.73 %

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-2.83 %

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2.05 %

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Global Equity

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BNP PARIBAS Securities Services Spain Branch

Comisión de gestión

1.5% annual wealth tax

Benchmark. Evolución de 100 € invertidos

* EONIA Index (50%), MSCI Europe Total Return Net (40%), ITGBM (7.5%) and PSI 20 TR (2,5%)