Azvalor Global Value FP

A signature pension plan comprised of well-run global companies with a strong and comprehensible business model.

Azvalor Global Value FP follows the Value Investing philosophy, whereby company shares are purchased at a lower price than that of their intrinsic value (security margin), taking a long-term view. The management objective is to achieve satisfactory and sustainable profitability over time.

Azvalor Global Value FP is suitable for Investors who do not require liquidity in the short term and whose investment timescale is more than five years.

The valuation of the investment will vary subject to market volatility and may temporarily fall below the sum initially invested. Past income is no guarantee of future returns

Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro, CFA CEO and Investment Co-director
Fernando Bernad, CFA Investment Co-director
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Since inception to 16/04/2021

98.32 €

Net asset value

-0.98 %

Day change
YTD 2019 2018 2017 2016 Since inception


1.8 %

-10.36 %

3.9 %

1.65 %

-1.68 %

-3.67 %

1 month

9.19 %

3 months

46.57 %

6 months

57.71 %

1 Year

Rentabilidades pasadas no garantizan rentabilidades futuras

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Global Equity




BNP PARIBAS Securities Services Spain Branch

Management fee

1.5% annual wealth tax

Benchmark. Evolution of 100€ invested

MSCI Europe Total Return (80%), ITGBM (15%) and PSI20 GR Total Return (5%)