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Investment objective

Undervalued equity assets listed in global markets for investors with a medium-term investment horizon.

Benchmark:The part invested in fixed-income will take as reference the EONIA index, and the part invested in equities will be a weighted average based on the average investment grade of the performance of the indices MSCI Europe Total Return, the Índice Total General de la Bolsa de Madrid (ITGBM), and the Portuguese index PSI20 Total Return. The maximum invested in equities will be 50%.

Investment philosophy

This pension scheme applies the “Value Investing” philosophy which consists of buying, with a long-term vision, good businesses at prices below their intrinsic value (margin of safety). The management objective is to obtain a satisfactory return sustained over time.


This fund is suitable for Investors wishing to build up a capital to cover the contingencies of retirement, incapacity, dependency or death of the holder or beneficiary and with a relatively close pension redemption timeline (3 – 5 years approximately).

Investment valuation will have variations due to market volatility and could temporarily stand below the amount initially invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

100€ Performance Over time

* EONIA index (50%), MSCI Europe Total Return Net (40%), ITGBM (7.5%) and PSI 20 TR (2,5%)



Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro, CFA
CIO / Partner
Fernando Bernad, CFA
Investment Vice Director / Partner