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calificacion azvalor Product *


* Source and Copyright: Citywire. Álvaro Guzmán and Fernando Bernad are A rated by Citywire for their rolling 3 year risk-adjusted performance, for the period 01.02.2021-31.01.2024

Managers use the performance of the MSCI Europe Total Return Net as reference, which is comprised of more than 400 companies representing the stock exchanges of European countries including the United Kingdom, Nordic countries and Switzerland and which takes into consideration the reinvestment of net tax dividends.

Azvalor Lux SICAV-Azvalor International I is a Sicav under Luxembourg law and registered in CNMV, which currently invests an 80% International Portfolio and 20% Iberian Portfolio,. This weighting may vary according to investment opportunities, at the managers’ discretion.

Undervalued variable income shares listed on global markets for investors with a long-term timescale

Azvalor Lux Sicav follows the Value Investing philosophy, whereby company shares are purchased at a lower price than that of their intrinsic value (security margin), taking a long-term view. The management objective is to achieve satisfactory and sustainable profitability over time. Recommendations: Azvalor Lux Sicav is suitable for Investors who do not require liquidity in the short term and whose investment timescale is more than five years. The valuation of the investment will vary subject to market volatility and may temporarily fall below the sum initially invested. Past income is no guarantee of future returns


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Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro, CFA CEO and Co-director of Investment
Fernando Bernad, CFA Co-director of Investment
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Since inception to 10/04/2024

8.5 %

Annualized Return

1,963.3 €

Net asset value

0.4 %

Day change
YTD 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 Since inception


9.8 %

34.5 %

32.3 %

-13.4 %

0.9 %

-11.3 %

96.3 %

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance


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Fund category

Global Equity

CNMV registration date


Minimum subscription

1 share


Pictet & Cie (Europa) S.A.

Management fee

1.8% per annum

Benchmark. Evolution of 100€ invested

MSCI Europe Total Return Net Index