Azvalor Capital FI

Azvalor Capital FI invests more than 90% of the total exposure in fixed income, mainly public but also private (including money market instruments quoted or not, liquid), and the rest in equities of any capitalization and sector.
Issuers and markets will preferably be from the Euro zone and minority markets of other OECD countries, allowing investors to invest up to 20% of the equity exposure in issuers / emerging markets.

The investment in fixed income will be mainly public but also private (including money market instruments quoted or not, liquid) of issuers/markets of the Euro zone, in issues with credit rating equal to or greater than that of the Kingdom of Spain in each moment. The average duration of the fixed income portfolio will be less than 18 months.

Álvaro Guzmán de Lázaro, CFA CEO and Co-director of Investment
Fernando Bernad, CFA Co-director of Investment
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Since inception to 23/09/2021

92.23 €

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Fact sheet

ES0112601002 (single class, currency €)

Fund category

Euro Fixed Mixed Income

CNMV registration date


Minimum subscription

€5,000 (€500 under 23 years old)


BNP PARIBAS Securities Services Spanish branch

Management fee

0.5% per annum

Benchmark. Evolution of 100€ invested

Benchmark:  EONIA Index 90% (the part invested in fixed income) and the MSCI Europe Total Return Net index 10% (the part invested in variable income)

The EONIA index is the valid one-day interbank Euro interest rate. The MSCI Europe Total Return Net is comprised of more than 400 companies representing the stock exchanges of European countries including the United Kingdom, Nordic countries and Switzerland and takes into consideration the reinvestment of net tax dividends.