Who we are

The spirit of the company

To develop our true vocation as long-term investors, applying fundamental criteria and common sense to our valuations, studying each of our investments in depth and making decisions independently, all with the aim of aligning the interests of our co-investors with our own.


Investment philosophy

We devote all our time and energy to finding and analysing high-quality companies. We invest in good businesses that offer sustainable competitive advantages over time, high Returns on Capital Employed (ROCE), are led by a strong management team that oversees its shareholders’ interests and whose intrinsic value is not reflected in their share price.
We seek to make the most of short-term inefficiencies between price and value, aiming to maximise the return on our investment in the long term, minimising permanent losses to the greatest possible extent.

When we invest, we do so rationally, without letting emotion lead the way. We always apply the “Value Investing” philosophy, whereby time works in our favour and patience is a key factor.

Why invest?

We are managers with over 20 years’ experience. We specialise in variable income, with the ability to identify good investments that have generated long-term profit.

Historically, equity has proven to be the most profitable asset, achieving around 8% annual growth over the past 200 years, in comparison with other assets such as fixed income, bonds, treasury notes, gold and currency. The “Value Investing” philosophy is consistently able to achieve above-index returns over the long term through the application of some strict investing principles.

It is based on the idea that short-term market behaviour cannot be predicted and that risk can be minimised by investing in under-valued companies with a high degree of security.

By investing in our own funds, we are able to guarantee that interests are aligned and that we will share the risks and benefits of our investment decisions with our co-investors.

Patience means more than the ability to wait it means knowing what to do while you wait

A well-managed investment is a marathon, not a sprint. Driven by conviction and perseverance. With the stamina to perform over the long term. With level heads that mark us out from the rest, our value investing approach refuses to deviate when faced with the ups and downs that are inevitable on the path to profit. The reward lies in knowing and demonstrating that the results of an investment are gathered in time.