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Azvalor is driven by one goal: delivering superior long-term returns to our co-investors while minimising the risk of a permanent loss of capital. Our investment philosophy is to identify and invest in high quality companies with a sustainable competitive advantage and where we can profit from short term inefficiencies between price and value.

In order to do this, we rely on the skill and integrity of all our employees. We recognise that it is the people we work alongside that create the culture of our company. We are always looking to hire and retain individuals that can embrace our investment philosophy and can grow with us as a firm.

Why to apply for an intern or full-time analyst position

Probably the best reason is that you like studying a subject until you get to the bottom of it.

If you end up joining us full-time and apply yourself for several years, you could develop into a world-class investor. This means you will have learned to assess unfamiliar situations and make good decisions about them—abilities that will serve you well beyond the field of investing. It also means you’ll have made an enormous contribution to our firm and, at the same time, done something useful for the world.

Do I need advanced skills in math?

No. We want people who are smart and curious and who will actually enjoy being an investment analyst. For this last attribute, we look for signs that you have educated yourself on what investment analysis is. Coursework related to investing is one form this education can take. Accounting is very helpful. Closely questioning people who know a lot about investing is another way to develop this. No one goes wrong reading the shareholder letters of great teachers like Warren Buffett. Best of all is to study the products or culture of a company that interests you, either on your own or with the help of your school’s investment club and develop your own investment thesis about that company.

What will I be doing?

After some basic training, mainly in how to correctly analyse the historic financial performance of a company, we will assign you companies to study. For each one, you will read financial reports, interview knowledgeable sources, look for data on the internet, and focus on simple models attempting to calculate how much a company can sustainably earn.

Over time, you’ll develop a taste for the kind of company you admire. Eventually you’ll also be responsible for finding such companies.

Our business works better and is more fun if everyone is constantly getting better at what they do. Once we hire a person, their development matters to us.

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