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Investor Ombudsman

azValor Asset Management SGIIC SAU has a Customer Ombudsman whose role is described in our Customer Ombudsman Regulation - which we recommend you read. It regulates the activity of the Customer Ombudsman as well as the procedure for presenting and processing claims and complaints.

Once a claim is made to the Customer Ombudsman, if a response has not been satisfactory or if two months have passed since the presentation of the claim without any response being received, the client can notify the CNMV INVESTOR SERVICE OFFICE, located at C/Edisón 4, 28006 Madrid.

Change in MiFID category

azValor Asset Management SGIIC SAU classifies all investors as "retail clients", in accordance with the information provided on registration as investor and in pursuant to the provisions of Article 78 bis of Act 24/1998 of 28 July governing the securities market, for the purpose of managing subscriptions of shares in collective investment institutions carried out with our institution.

Equally, we inform you that under current law you can change your MiFID client if you wish, on compliance with certain requirements, such as "Professional Client", which would give you a lower level of protection.